MK Michal Woldiger
MK Michal WoldigerArutz Sheva

MK Michal Woldiger (Religious Zionism) told the "Politics Now" podcast that, "the progressives have become completely confused."

Woldiger made her statement with regard to the battle the government has been waging against subsidizing daycare tuition for families in which the father studies Torah.

"I'm sorry to say this awful word, progressiveness, but the moment it came into our world, the progressives became completely confused," she said.

"Nothing interests them. Only 'straightening'out' the entire population so that it is similar to themselves. No one else has any rights - everything is only according to what they decide."

She added that, "This issue of discounts for daycare must remain as it was, so that anyone whose Torah is his occupation, who is learning Torah, is considered like a student. The same goes for the wives of those yeshiva students, so that they will be able to receive the same level of discount for daycare."