Injured teen
Injured teenCourtesy of family

17-year-old Itamar Alkobi was severely injured during Arab riots in the Shimon Ha'Tzaddik neighborhood of Jerusalem before being taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem for treatment.

According to police, a disturbance developed in the area that included violent confrontations between local Arabs and Jews. Two individuals were injured in the day's events.

Itamar's father Dov described what happened to his son and warned that, "the writing is on the wall, in a conversation with Channel 12 News, adding: "Itamar is currently in intensive care, he underwent surgery and was supposed regain consciousness, but he is weak and has trouble getting up," Dov told reporter Roni Katsover.

"My son was was hit by a stone that was thrown at his forehead and crushed his skull. There was intent and means. The only description is they tried to murder my son," he recalls.

"He arrived in the neighborhood with a group of boys who were sitting in the sukkah of neighborhood resident Tal Yushobiev. At 8:00 p.m. a group of Arab teens arrived and began to surround the houses. Around 9:30 p.m. my son and his friends decided to go outside and see what was going on. When they arrived, one of the Arabs managed to hit him on the head with a rock, knocking him over. His friends called for medical help and he was transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. This morning he went into surgery that lasted three hours," continued Dov.

Alkobi added that: "These are boys without protective equipment who faced off with rioters. This was clearly a case of attempted murder."

Dov says the attack was not connected to MK Ben-Gvir's presence at the scene: "The boys were not with Ben-Gvir. It was not related to that. He was in the area but our children were unprotected, with almost no security forces around them."

"Where were they?," he asks. "The writing was on the wall."

Following the incident, Jerusalem police and soldiers arrested 11 suspects for throwing stones, with some of them caught in the act. Others were also apprehended at their homes for their involvement in the disturbances.