Jews attacked near Qalqilya
Jews attacked near QalqilyaNasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

An Israeli citizen living in Tira entered Qalqilya and was robbed by several Arab suspects.

The report shows that the complainant stopped his vehicle near one of the parking lots close to the intersection at the entrance to the town. Several suspects arrived at the scene, dragged him out of his vehicle by force, and fled the scene into Qalqilya.

IDF and police forces launched searches to locate the suspects. The citizen was slightly injured and did not need medical treatment.

Israeli Arab citizens frequently shop in Qalqilya and have fallen victim to similar robberies. In September, a driver was forced from his car as he parked near a store at the entrance and was robbed. Similarly, in April this year, there were cases in which drivers were stopped near the entrance to the city, in one case to pick up a laborer and in other cases on shopping trips. They were then forced out of their vehicles and robbed.