King Charles III raised eyebrows after greeting Prime Minister Liz Truss with the words “dear, oh dear” at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday evening, The Independent reported.

A clip of the meeting between the King and the Prime Minister, released by the Palace and taken at the beginning of their weekly audience, shows a pair of double doors being opened by staff and Truss being escorted inside by the King’s equerry.

As Truss enters the reception room, the equerry announces her, saying, “Prime minister, Your Majesty.”

Truss then steps forward to shake hands with the King, bowing as she does so.

“Your Majesty, great to see you again,” she says.

King Charles, smiling, replies: “Back again?” to which Truss responds, “Well, it's a great pleasure.”

The King then replies, “Dear, oh dear. Anyway.”

The video has gone viral, with users on social media responding to the uncomfortable exchange.

One user described the monarch’s comment as having “great energy”, while one wrote, “Can you imagine being so right-wing that even the royals don’t like you?”

“Political awkwardness and unintentional comedy at its finest,” wrote another.

Also taking to Twitter to respond to the exchange was John Nicolson, a Member of Parliament on behalf of the Scottish National Party.

“King Charles speaks for us all. ‘You’re back again. Dear oh dear. Well anyway….’ At least he won’t have to endure her for long,” wrote Nicolson.

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy, a lecturer at University of Oxford, wrote that the exchange resembled “A scene straight from the Office” and added, “Political awkwardness and unintentional comedy at its finest.”

Last month, King Charles made headlines when a video circulated of him being frustrated by a leaky pen.

During a signing ceremony at Hillsborough Castle, the King complained about the pen he was using, with his wife suggesting that it was leaking ink. "I can't bear this bloody thing!” he was heard saying.