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The US Supreme Court rejected a last minute request by Donald Trump on Thursday to intercede in the dispute between the former president and the Justice Department over documents taken from his Florida residence during an August FBI raid.

Trump was asking the Supreme Court to overrule a federal appeals court decision in order to let a special master review around 100 classified documents. The measure would have allowed Trump’s attorneys to review the documents and argue that they should not be available to prosecutors in a criminal proceeding, CNN reported.

However, the Supreme Court denied Trump’s request to intervene. There were no dissenting justices.

The Justice Department had described the documents as “extraordinarily sensitive” and requested that the justices not interject themselves into the dispute.

“As this Court has emphasized, courts should be cautious before ‘insisting upon an examination’ of records whose disclosure would jeopardize national security ‘even by the judge alone, in chambers,’” the DOJ said earlier in the week.