Joseph's Tomb
Joseph's TombYonatan Shetubi

The "Lion's Den" terrorist group, which took responsibility for many attacks against IDF soldiers and civilians throughout Judea and Samaria in the past month, issued a warning this evening (Wednesday) against Jews entering Joseph's Tomb.

"Entering the compound will be a death sentence for a large number of settlers," the terrorist organization said.

A limited entry of Jews into the holy site is expected tonight, the fourth night of Sukkot in which Joseph is the biblical 'guest' invited into the Sukkah.

Initially, a larger entry was planned as has been the case every year, but it was canceled due to the security situation. In the end, with the exceptional approval of the Minister of Defense, it was decided to hold a limited entry, for which the level of alertness and vigilance in the IDF was raised.

In the meantime, the security forces continue the hunt for the terrorists who carried out the murderous shooting attacks in Shavai Shomron and at the Shu'afat checkpoint. The Palestinian Authority reported throughout the day a series of clashes between the IDF and Arab terrorists. This evening, Arabsshot past an IDF force in the Qalandiya area and the force returned fire at the sources of the shooting.