Benny Gantz
Benny GantzOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Defense Minister and National Unity party chairman Benny Gantz responded to MK Ofer Cassif's comments regarding IDF soldiers, stating that due to Cassif's stances no government can be formed with the help of the Hadash - Ta'al joint list.

Gantz stated that "MK Ofer Cassif crossed a red line of lies and incitement again, during a time when IDF troops work to protect all of Israel's citizens: Jews and Arabs, from murderous terror. They do this professionally, with determination, while striving for contact with the enemy, and while keeping to the IDF code and purity of arms, and we have to appreciate them. As Defense Minister, I emphasize that they have our full backing and they will continue to protect Israel's safety.

Because of opinions such as Cassif's, the Joint List won't be part of any government, and no government can lean on them from the outside," explains Gantz.

At the launch of the party's Hebrew campaign on Tuesday, MK Cassif discussed the recent events in Judea and Samaria, stating: "The root of the evil is the occupation. It in itself is a criminal injustice. Last week 12 Palestinians were murdered in the occupied territories. Including little children who were executed."

Later on, an Israel Hayom journalist asked if the party wants to call to stop attacks against Israel, in light of the attacks which killed IDF soldiers Noa Lazar and Idan Baruch.

MK Ayman Odeh evaded the question by answering: "We are all victims of this cursed occupation, because the lives of all people, Jewish and Arab, are important to everyone, and we don't want anyone to be killed, we must end this occupation which kills everyone, it is the root of the evil."