EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell
EU foreign affairs chief Josep BorrellReuters

The European Union on Wednesday welcomed the agreement reached between Israel and Lebanon to establish a final maritime boundary.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell commended the two countries, and praised the US for brokering the deal.

"The EU welcomes the announcement of an agreement in the negotiations between Lebanon and Israel on the delineation of their maritime boundary. The EU commends Israel and Lebanon’s constructive spirit in this endeavor as well as the role of the US.”

“The agreement reached by both parties constitutes an important milestone. Its implementation will contribute to their stability and prosperity as well as to that of the wider region. We encourage the parties to continue engaging constructively, including towards regional energy cooperation and development. This is essential in times of international security challenges and global energy crisis.”

“The EU stands ready to continue developing its partnerships with both Israel and Lebanon and supporting efforts towards regional cooperation for the benefit of all."

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid announced that Israel has reached an agreement with Lebanon.

“This is an historic achievement that will strengthen Israel’s security, inject billions into Israel’s economy, and ensure the stability of our northern border,” Lapid said.

On Wednesday, Lapid convened the Security Cabinet to discuss the deal, with the full cabinet slated to hold a special meeting on the issue at 1:00 p.m.