Russian missile strike on Ukraine
Russian missile strike on UkraineReuters

The Jewish community of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, narrowly avoided disaster on the first day Sukkot when a missile fired as part of a Russian barrage against Ukraine struck just 100 meters from a Jewish community center where Ukrainian Jews were celebrating the holiday.

The center includes a Chabad synagogue led by Rabbi Yonatan Markowitz of Kyiv.

During the bombings, the worshipers took shelter in the synagogue's basement, and stayed in the compound until the late afternoon.

From the information provided by the local security forces to the Rabbi of Kyiv, Rabbi Yonatan Markowitz (who is in Israel for a family celebration), it appears that there are no casualties among the members of the community, and they continued to celebrate Sukkot while adhering to the authorities' safety instructions.

At least ten people were killed and 60 injured in Russian missile attacks in at least ten cities across Ukraine, and in Kyiv. Rescue operations continue for those trapped from the ruins of the collapsed buildings.

83 missiles were fired in the barrage, which was launched in retaliation for the bombing of a bridge in Crimea.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid issued a statement of condemnation of the missile attacks: "I strongly condemn the Russian attack on the civilian population in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. I send sincere condolences to the families of the dead and the Ukrainian people.''