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After Israel's success in the UEFA Nations League in which it qualified from first place at home for the playoffs for promotion to the Euros and its rise to Tier A in the Nations League, the Israeli national team also moved up a tier in the qualifying draw for the European Football Championship, Euro 2024 when it moved up to Tier B.

Today (Sunday) the Euro 2024 qualifying draw was held, in which Israel was ranked in tier B and thus avoided a meeting with some of the best teams in Europe such as France and England who were ranked in the same tier.

In the lottery held in Frankfurt, Germany, where the prestigious championship will be held in two years, the Israeli team was drawn to the 9th place where it will meet the teams of Switzerland, Romania, Kosovo, Belarus, and Andorra.

The draw is considered a very favorable draw as the team also avoided a meeting with powerful teams such as Spain, Holland, Italy, and Portugal.

Switzerland, the team that was ranked in Tier A, is in 15th place in the world, but is not considered a much better team than the Israeli one, when the last time the two met ended in a draw when the current manager of the team, former player Yossi Benyon scored a pair of goals against the Swiss.

Romania, which is ranked 53rd in the world, is also in decline and appears to be a relatively favorable opponent among the other options in the third tier, which included priority teams such as Greece, Turkey, Norway, and Ukraine, while the games against Kosovo and Belarus will be the first time officially for the Israeli team against them.

The team will have to finish the qualifiers in one of the first two places at home to get a ticket to a major tournament for the first time since the 1970 World Cup in which they appeared. With today's draw, the chance to qualify for the Euro tournament has increased, and with it the chance for Israel to make history.