Amit Segal
Amit Segal Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Amit Segal, a political analyst, criticized the Yesh Atid party's petition to the Central Elections Committee requesting to declare Channel 14as a Likud election outlet, and thus force it to close.

In an article in Yediot Aharonot, Segal wrote that, "Reading the outrageous petition by Yesh Atid against Channel 14 helps one understand that the ruling party is truly interested in silencing those who dare to criticize it. Because from any other perspective, this is truly an electoral disaster, just prior to elections."

"Any right-wing person, or any person who supports democracy, would not even think that the Prime Minister [Yair Lapid] would like to mark a television channel as a propaganda tool - and in essence revoke its licensed and close it - among other things because of satirical tweets and because it broadcasted snippets from the archive which are embarrassing to the leader. If this logic were accepted for every media outlet in Israel, we would be left only with a string of quiet Hebrew songs, the weather forecast, and Beni Kvodi (a traffic reporter - ed.)."

Segal continued, "It's amusing that of all of them, Lapid specifically is screaming about a party's use of a media outlet. He himself was an active player in the elections, even back when he was a media personality. For many long months before he left Ulpan Shishi, those close to him knew about the full list of names which would later adorn his party list. Even after he announced that he was running for politics, he continued writing a column in this paper. At the time, members of Knesset submitted the 'Lapid law' against him, aiming to create a cooling-off period for those in the media."

"Lapid did indeed move up his resignation because of this, and then he published a post on Facebook: 'I have just one question for the MKs: What is scaring you so much?' What is scaring Lapid so much now? Maybe what scared the members of his party, when they supported the law against Israel Hayom?

"Even then, the weak excuse was that it's not a closure, it's just promoting competition. In Galei Tzahal, just recently, the ethnic cleansing of all the senior right-wing figures was explained as being due to the management's judgement.

"Lapid's political camp excels in the attempt to close right-wing media outlets using legalistic claims, ever since the days of Arutz Sheva [radio station] and the measuring of the territorial waters. Ten years later, Lapid became a Mapai supporter. The only thing left is to distribute red notebooks, with an orange dot."