Cornell University
Cornell Universityצילום: ISTOCK

Cornell University hosted a panel on Yom Kippur featuring a professor who previously compared Israel to Nazi Germany and claimed that Gaza Arabs were living in an “extermination camp, run by Jews,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“Yom Kippur at Cornell University – the school will be hosting a professor who compared Jews to Nazis,” the StopAntisemitism watchdog organization wrote on Twitter.

“The school's 'Palestine and Indigenous North America' panel members includes Eric Cheyfitz, who has compared Israel to Nazi Germany and University of Kansas professor Robert Warrior, a vocal supporter of the antisemitic BDS movement who falsely claims that Israel "blows up Palestinian homes, house by house."

StopAntisemitism condemned the event, saying that “hosting this event on Yom Kippur deliberately prevents Jewish students from attending” and noting that Cheyfitz had said, "Violence ... is all Zionism can offer the world.”

The panel, hosted by the Cornell Institute for Comparative Modernities panel, was titled "Palestine and Indigenous North America.” It was the final event in a series discussing "Settler Colonialism, Sovereignty, Apartheid."

In 2014, Cheyfitz posted to twitter: "The terrible ironies of history: Gaza has become an extermination camp, run by Jews.”

He went on to compare Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto and described Israel as a "terrorist organization, projecting its crimes on the defenders of human rights.” He also alleged that "Apartheid Israel is in its death throes. The symptoms: Violence, in its desperation, is all Zionism can offer the world."