Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest medical center, marked two years of collaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to advance research into and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the two institutions. To celebrate the collaboration, the hospitals held a joint Med AI conference together with Reichman University at its Herzliya campus.

The collaboration continues to build on Sheba and Mount Sinai’s expertise and early adoption of various forms of artificial intelligence, including machine learning to develop novel diagnostics and treatments for diseases. In addition to spinning out a handful of their own startups developing AI tools for clinical use, Mount Sinai and Sheba continue to partner to experiment with new technologies in a clinical setting.

“The overarching goal of the collaboration between us is to impact patients’ health with AI, and to subsequently transform healthcare,” said Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director-General of Sheba Medical Center, at the conference. “Together, we will be able to build AI systems at scale from data representing both Sheba and Mount Sinai’s diverse patient populations. These technologies will in time work to support physicians, foster research, and most importantly help patients' care and well-being.”

Sheba Medical Center is leading the digital transformation of healthcare in Israel and around the world. Sheba's innovation arm, ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate), is building and maintaining close partnerships and projects with the world's best hospitals and leading international entities, including Mount Sinai Healthcare System, among others.

Over the past two years, ARC and Mount Sinai have run dual clinical decision support (CDS) teams, one at each hospital, collaborating on collecting big data to help clinicians at both institutions make informed decisions regarding the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of various conditions. This collaboration has also included an exchange program of AI researchers sent from Israel to New York to share expertise.

“This collaboration aims to lead the artificial intelligence-driven transformation of health care through innovative research, apply that knowledge to treatment in hospital and clinical settings, and provide personalized care for each patient,” said Prof. David Reich, President of Mount Sinai Health System, also speaking at the Med AI conference. “These advances will expand Sheba and Mount Sinai’s impact on human health across both hospitals and around the world.”