PM Lapid at Cabinet meeting
PM Lapid at Cabinet meetingIsrael National News

Prime Minister Yair Lapid addressed the progress on the maritime deal being negotiated with Lebanon during the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday.

"Over the weekend, Israel and Lebanon received the American mediator's proposal for an agreement on a maritime line between the two countries. We are discussing the final details, so it is not yet possible to praise a done deal; however, as we have demanded from the start, the proposal safeguards Israel's full security-diplomatic interests, as well as our economic interests," Lapid said.

"For over a decade, Israel has been trying to reach this deal. The security of the north will be strengthened. The Karish field will operate and produce natural gas. Money will flow into the state’s coffers and our energy independence will be secured. This deal strengthens Israel’s security and Israel’s economy.

"We do not oppose the development of an additional Lebanese gas field, from which we will of course receive the share we deserve. Such a field will weaken Lebanon's dependence on Iran, restrain Hezbollah and promote regional stability.

"The mediator's proposal is currently undergoing legal review. Once this is complete, we will submit the decision – together with Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, and in coordination with the Attorney General – for discussion and approval.

Lapid said that Israel is preparing for another wave of aliyah resulting from the Russian war on Ukraine. "Following recent events in Russia and Ukraine, Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman and Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata will submit today a decision that adds NIS 90 million for immigration absorption. We expect tens of thousands of olim in the coming months. We are preparing for this and welcome this."

"Immediately after the Cabinet meeting, the Aliyah and Integration Minister will convene the ministerial committee to map out the needs and government preparations for this wave of aliyah that is due to reach Israel.

"Tomorrow, the EU-Israel Association Council will convene in Brussels for the first time in over a decade. We have been working all year in order to relaunch it. The Council will produce economic agreements and cooperation in technology, trade, and research & development that will jumpstart the Israeli economy and lower the cost of living.

"Finally, as you surely noticed, opposite each minister this morning is a pink pin. This month, we are marking the fight against breast cancer. Awareness is the first step in this battle.

"In the Prime Minister's Office, throughout the month of October, we will be encouraging workers to go and get tested. Leaflets and information will be circulated in order to boost awareness," Lapid concluded.