Liz Truss
Liz TrussREUTERS/Hannah McKay/File Photo

Arab ambassadors in the UK, among them those representing Abraham Accord states, urged Prime Minister Liz Truss not to move the British embassy to Jerusalem

Some of the Arab diplomats quoted in a report in The Guardian said that they told Truss not to continue with what they claimed was “an illegal and ill-judged” decision and said that if she gave the go-ahead to move the embassy it could put the brakes on a coveted free trade deal between the UK and the Gulf Cooperation Council which is set to be finalized later in the year.

During the recent Conservative leadership race, Truss wrote a letter to Conservative Friends of Israel in which she wrote that she would begin the review process for moving the British embassy to Jerusalem.

Last week, Truss said that she was opening the review at a meeting in New York with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

Details on the specific nature of the review by the Foreign Office have not been released.

Truss received the private letter signed by Arab diplomats before her trip to New York for the UN General Assembly where she met with Lapid.

The letter reportedly had the support of not only countries without diplomatic relations with Israel but also of Arab countries that signed the Abraham Accords.

According to The Guardian, the Arab countries that were the most vocal against moving the embassy were the Abraham Accord signatories.