Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי

Belgian academic and economist Philippe Van Parijs explained to the newspaper De Standaard what happens when you lose national identity. "Brussels can no longer be called Belgium," said Van Parijs, adding that the rest of Belgium is becoming more and more like Brussels.

Philippe Van Parijs had conducted a demographic study. His discoveries will surprise only those who want to remain blind. In ten years, the percentage of Brussels residents who have both parents with Belgian citizenship has gone down from just 36 to 26 percent. “There are more Brussels residents of Moroccan origin than Flemings or Walloons”.

In the past few days, the European Parliament has voted to isolate (when to expel?) Viktor Orbán’s Hungary. The real clash between Brussels and Budapest is over immigration. Not to all immigration, as Hungary welcomed 15,000 Ukrainians in a single day. No, only Islamic immigration.

And Budapest, not without reason, does not want to end up like Brussels.

Orbán's ruling party, Fidesz, held its annual meeting on September 10 behind closed doors. But some of Orbán's long-term predictions have leaked, reveals. The Hungarian prime minister said that “the energy crisis could shut down up to 40 percent of European industry. By 2040, Muslim immigrants will be the majority in French cities”.

We just have to hope that Orbán is wrong. But the numbers should make us unable to sleep at night:

Marseille (30 percent Muslim),

Lyon (30 percent Muslim),

Montpellier (20 percent Muslim),

Strasbourg (12 per cent Muslim),

Bordeaux (92 mosques),

Mulhouse (25 per cent Muslim),

Avignon ("the city of the Salafists"),

Tours ("from bell towers to minarets ”).

But also medium-sized towns like Pessac, 50,000 inhabitants outside Bordeaux, which is 25 per cent Muslim.

The most effective and fastest way to send a country into decline is to import alien populations en masse, letting them concentrate in a city, creating very strong identity communities with no plans for integration into the host culture. Welfare isolates them without integrating them, they also gain the right to vote, and in a few years you have balkanized a culturally stable territory.

Welcome to Europe!