Menash Shmueli
Menash ShmueliRegavim

Regavim’s Field Coordinator for Judea and Samaria, Menash Shmueli, came under fire in a shooting incident near Kiryat Arba Thursday afternoon.

Shmueli was patrolling near Kiryat Arba in Area C with a representative of the Local Council at the time of the shooting, "documenting a new tactic of the illegal Palestinian takeover of Area C," the Regavim movement said in a statement.

No one was wounded in the attack.

Shmueli alerted security forces who are now combing the area in search of the terrorists.

"The field team was documenting a new phenomenon in Area C: the creation of cemeteries in open areas, as another element in the massive takeover of land by the Palestinians to create Arab territorial contiguity while isolating and suffocating Jewish communities and disrupting their access to major traffic arteries," Regavim said.

Menash Shmueli, the Regavim Field Coordinator who came under fire, said: "We were about to film an informational video near an illegal Palestinian cemetery adjacent to Route 60, an area under full Israeli control, when suddenly we heard shots from close range. We spotted the vehicle from which the shots were fired and immediately reported it to the relevant security forces. Fortunately, we were not hurt, but we got a close-up view of how the battle for Area C, which we have been sounding the alarm about for years, morphs from illegal construction and seemingly-innocent agricultural expansion into life-threatening live fire – all in the blink of an eye."