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For years, Israel has had an intriguing relationship with the idea of horoscopes and astrology. For many people of Israeli nationality and/or Jewish faith, astrology is seen as a conflict of interest. Given that astrology puts lots of faith and power in the stars, some see this as simply incompatible with a belief in God.

Indeed, many modern orthodox rabbis have forbidden the following of astrology, arguing that it even goes against Jewish law. As we know, though, society tends to become less conservative with each generation – what is the consensus with the next generation?

Astrology is generally taken with less distrust than it might have been in the past. Many young Israelis visit popular horoscope websites such as Soulmate Twin Flame. Hits from the country have grown over the years, despite a relative generational divide in how astrology is viewed. What, then, might drive this rise in interest in astrology among younger Israelis?

Pop culture has taken its toll

Some speculate that one of the main reasons for this growth is the rise in the number of popular culture references in Israeli society. The interconnected nature of the modern world means that the younger generations are growing up surrounded by influences that go far outside the domestic sphere. Watching television shows from abroad, learning about other cultures in school, and interacting with people from around the world online have given many a greater appreciation of cultures and interests that hail from outside of traditional Israeli culture.

Horoscopes are massive, particularly in countries like the United States and across major parts of Europe. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many Israelis who connect with people from afar find an interest in horoscopes.

Reaching for the stars

Another reason for horoscopes being so popular ties in with celebrity culture. Like most other nations, Israel strongly connects to its major celebrities and celebrities abroad. Finding out if you share the same ‘star sign’ as a domestic legend like Gael Gadot, for example, would be something many enjoy. It can connect people to the stars who inspire them and make them feel more like the people they wish to emulate and imitate.

Whether that is a positive for society or not is up for debate, but many see horoscopes as another way to connect with and be akin to famous celebrities.

Finding a sense of belonging

Alternatively, many young Israelis find that horoscopes can help them to find a sense of belonging. Connecting with people from compatible star signs makes it easier to feel like you are part of a community or group. This can give many who feel like they do not have a place in our world a sense of belonging and community. Again, this can be debated about whether or not this is a positive development for society.

However, it cannot be ignored that horoscopes are no longer the taboo topic they once were for Israel. As influences from abroad and afar come to the country, it is only natural that societal opinions on issues once branded as dangerous will soften. Regardless of their validity or authenticity, Horoscopes fall within this line of thinking.

It might annoy the older generations, but it looks like the future generations of Israel will take a far more tolerant approach to the existence and usage of horoscopes.