A new research paper authored by a prominent UK cardiologist and evidence-based medicine expert has concluded that use of mRNA COVID vaccines should be halted until independent investigators are given access to the raw data from the clinical trials.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra was originally a staunch defender of COVID vaccines, but after his father, who was previously healthy with no heart issues, passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest, he began to investigate the evidence that the vaccines are safe and effective, as the FDA and CDC claim. Being a cardiologist who had seen his father's diagnostic test results prior to his COVID shots, tests that confirmed his good state of health, he knew that there was no rational explanation for the blockages found in his father's arteries after his death.

Among the evidence cited by Malhotra is a study published in the journal Vaccine, which concluded, based on data from the trial studies conducted by Pfizer and Moderna, that the risk of being hospitalized due to an adverse reaction to the vaccine is greater than any protection the vaccine provides from hospitalization due to COVID.

Malhotra also cites data from both the United Kingdom and Israel that shows a sharp uptick in cardiac events requiring emergency treatment following the vaccine rollout, an uptick that was not observed in the first year of the pandemic, prior to the distribution of vaccines.

"There were four cardiac arrests in those who took the vaccine versus only one in the placebo group," in the Pfizer study, Malhotra writes, adding that this was a safety signal that was later confirmed by multiple additional studies, the evidence mounting over time that the vaccines could have a severe impact on heart health. "Given that heart cells cannot be replaced, this is likely to have a long-term impact" on those affected, he adds.

Dr. Malhotra also points out that "contrary to popular belief, what the [Pfizer] trial did not show was any statistically significant reduction in serious illness or COVID-19 mortality from the vaccine." In fact, he notes, "there were only two deaths from COVID-19 in the placebo group and one death from COVID-19 in the vaccine group." However, "Looking at all-cause mortality over a longer period, there were actually slightly more deaths in the vaccine group," he stresses.

"It's important to acknowledge that the risks of adverse events from the vaccine remain constant, whereas the benefits reduce over time," he concludes. "A pause and reappraisal of vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue."