Hasidic visitors to Uman, Ukraine
Hasidic visitors to Uman, UkraineFlash 90

Thousands of Breslov hasidim have been making their way from the city of Uman, Ukraine, to one of the Ukraine's border crossings with Moldova, Hungary, Romania, or Poland. It is from these neighboring countries that the pilgrims plan to fly back to Israel.

Reports from the crossings, however, reveal that locals' vehicles are immediately allowed to cross the border, while those of Jews, mainly Breslov hasidim, have been waiting at the border in the same spot for over 10 hours.

Footage uploaded to the internet showed a group of Jews trying to enter a supermarket to purchase water, but refused entry by a security guard. At the same time, locals arriving at the scene are allowed to enter the supermarket.

The travelers also noted that the problematic border crossing is Moldova, where the clerks are demanding hundreds of dollars in bribes to allow the Jews to cross the border.

In Hungary, the travelers said that the clerks sat and played with their personal phones, without paying any attention to the dozens of buses which had arrived at the border.

Israel National News - Arutz Sheva has been informed that after complaints reached Moldova's rabbi, Rabbi Pinchas Zaltzman, he has been working with the authorities over the past several hours in order to solve the problem.