IDF soldiers in action
IDF soldiers in actionIDF Spokesperson's Unit

A shooting attack occurred on Wednesday evening in the Hebron Hills: A vehicle arrived at the entrance to the town of Negohot and the driver reported that fire was opened at him by terrorists as he was driving between the communities of Adorayim and Negohot.

The IDF Spokesperson said in a statement that "a shooting attack from a passing vehicle at an Israeli vehicle was carried out a short time ago, near the Adorayim junction.”

"A hit to the vehicle was detected, there are no injuries. IDF soldiers are searching the area for suspects," the statement said.

In another incident on Wednesday evening, an Israeli entered the Palestinian Arab village of Husan in Gush Etzion, apparently in order to do some shopping. He was attacked with rocks by Palestinian Arab rioters.

The man was hit in the head but managed to escape the village on his own.