Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger turned heads with a Terminator-style message he left after visiting Auschwitz, which many people felt was questionable and insensitive.

The 75-year old action star and former California governor was visiting the concentration camp on behalf of the US Auschwitz Jewish Centre Foundation.

Upon leaving, Schwarzenegger wrote in the Auschwitz guestbook, “I’ll be back,” quoting his signature line from the Terminator films.

He also said after the visit, “This is a story that has to stay alive, this is a story that we have to tell over and over again.”

But the message he left in the guestbook was the subject of intense online criticism for being inappropriate, with one Twitter user responding to the Auschwitz Memorial’s tweet of the former actor’s message by saying: “I'm sure he meant it in the nicest possible way and having been there I know its hard to find the right words but I'm not sure these were the best.”

Another user called Schwarzenegger’s words “flippant” while it was also pointed out that his message, regardless of his intention, was “a bit frivolous and tacky.”

The Auschwitz Memorial responded: “It was a visit that was very short. He wrote it as a promise to return for a longer visit.”