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Hi I’m Chaya Stein* and I am a mother of six cuties.

Two years ago after my youngest was born, my life turned upside down when my husband was diagnosed with clinical depression.

I think only those who have been through it seem to truly get it– Waking up with the baby several times a night and then getting up in the morning and getting the kids ready for school, all while your husband sleeps until 2 in the afternoon. You plead with him to help you, or at least to let the kids see him getting up for Shacharit. You tell him you aren’t managing– But he just groans in response, mumbling that he simply isn’t up to it.

You try your best to remain upbeat. You make the kids pancakes, load them up on the Egged bus with your crying newborn in tow, and drop them off at school. You try to make sure they are clean and presentable and keep the house somewhat in order but it’s so exhausting.

Then, your husband gets fired from his job.

Things slowly start to fall apart. You run a playgroup but it's not nearly enough to survive with six kids. Your credit card at the grocery store declines. Your landlord is losing patience as he waits for his rent money. You feel like you are drowning, but you can’t give up, for your kids.

I wish I was the only person in this country with such problems but there are far too many others. Please, take a minute to watch this video from Rav Zilberstein to see how surprisingly simple it is for you to help us as we approach the holidays.

You should be blessed to always have what you need to make the holidays in comfort. Thank you so much!

*Details changed to protect the families’ privacy