Members of Lev Tahor, traveling by bus
Members of Lev Tahor, traveling by busReuters

Following the arrest of 17 members of the Lev Tahor cult in Mexico, attempts are being made to convince the cult's children and their families to move to Israel.

Thus far, the cult members have refused to make the move, and so other than the son of Yisrael Amir, who was returned to him after Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and was brought to Israel, the rest of the cult members are still in Mexico.

"The Consul attempted to speak with them, and was instructed to ensure that there would not be acts of violence or forced removal of the cult members," the Foreign Ministry said. "Essentially, [it] was at the scene mostly in order to prevent acts of violence and ensure that children were not being separated from their mothers, and in order to issue travel documents for those who required it."

"After it was decided not to use force and engage in conflict with the cult members, it was decided to freeze the situation and leave them under the authority of local welfare bodies, right now for another four days.

"Kosher food was purchased for members of the cult, and they were dispersed to clean rooms and are being cared for by the Mexican welfare authorities. As of this writing, the family members for which we have guardianship orders are still in the Welfare Ministry," the Foreign Ministry concluded.