Jewish pilgrims in Uman
Jewish pilgrims in UmanUnited Hatzalah Uman branch

United Hatzalah volunteers from the Uman chapter together with additional volunteers from Israel and the United States are providing medical security throughout Uman and the surrounding area, and have already treated 427 people for injuries and illnesses thus far. As the “Tikun Klali” prayer event began with thousands of people in attendance, the teams of volunteers were stationed throughout the city ready to respond to any medical emergency that should arise. Over the course of the next few days, the teams of volunteers, together with the Breslov medical clinic in Uman will be on hand to treat anyone in need of medical care over the course of the Rosh Hashana holiday.

Rabbi Nahman Klein, head of the Uman clinic, said: “The prayer event is happening right now in the streets leading to the gravesite of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in Uman, and is being broadcasted live to hundreds of sites throughout Israel and the world. United Hatzalah medical personnel are ensuring the medical safety of participants in cooperation with the Uman clinic.”

Matityahu Shapira, head of United Hatzalah’s Uman chapter, stated: “United Hatzalah’s teams will remain on standby throughout Rosh HaShana and in the days following the holiday in order to respond rapidly to any medical emergency.”

Elhanan Shtauber, head of the US medical teams participating in the operation, added: “Both during the ‘Tikun Haklali’ prayer and on the days of Rosh Hashana, medical personnel from Israel, the U.S., and Canada, will assist United Hatzalah’s teams in Uman.”