Ahmed Tibi and Yair Lapid
Ahmed Tibi and Yair LapidYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Ahmed Tibi of the Ta'al-Hadash slate estimates that Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to form a government after the upcoming Knesset elections.

In an interview with the Israeli Arab news website Kul al-Arab, Tibi said, "In my estimation, next time the Arab Knesset members from all parties will be members of the opposition."

In response to the question of whether these would also include the Knesset members of the Ra’am Party, Tibi replied, "Yes."

The interviewer pressed Tibi with another question: "Will Yair Lapid not form the (next) government?" To which Tibi replied: "I've said enough."

Tibi also said that the claims that Prime Minister Yair Lapid was involved in the dissolution of the Joint List are lies and rumors intended to harm Hadash and Ta’al.

The Joint List, he stressed, will not recommend a specific government, and the past recommendation of Lapid was intended to prevent Netanyahu from controlling the Knesset Arrangements Committee.

Looking ahead to the election campaign, Tibi said that the main task is to bring about an increase in the voter turnout in the Arab sector based on the assessment that it will be difficult for the three Arab parties to pass the electoral threshold.

"Our way is to influence and we try to influence without giving up our principles," Tibi said.