"I feel that my story should not be kept quiet," is how one young mother describes her experiences following vaccination against COVID.

"I was vaccinated on the third of May. Two hours following the vaccine I got Steven-Johnson's Syndrome and I had to go to hospital ... I got a blood clot in my left kidney which lost 90 percent of its function, and I have swelling so bad I can't wear shoes and sometimes I can't bend my hands or even open my eyes.

"One time I lost consciousness for three days, and I went into fits ... I thought I was going to die. I had a blood clot in my arm, in my spine, and in my neck which got stuck on its way to my brain.

"I'm not producing enough blood cells ... I'm going to need a transfusion.

"I feel like I'm losing the battle slowly, and I pray to G-d that I will get to see another day and not lose faith. I just want my family around me, my husband, my child..."