Riots in Ramleh last summer
Riots in Ramleh last summerYossi Aloni/Flash90

Cleared for publication: Israel Police in conjunction with the GSS have detained for questioning six residents of the town of Taybeh, due to suspicion of their involvement in terrorist activity during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Among the offenses the six men are suspected of are: throwing rocks and firebombs; shooting into the air and toward security forces; and trafficking and illegal possession of weapons.

During the course of the investigation, several residents of the city of Taybeh in their twenties and they have now been named as: Ahsan Azam, Ahmad Neshaf, Muhammad Azam, Yazen Haj Yahya, Ala Haj and Ala Gabali.

"The General Security Service and Israel Police take very seriously the involvement of Israeli citizens in terrorist activity and the use of illegal weapons. The GSS and Israel Police emphasize that, despite the fact that a year and four months have passed since Operation Guardian of the Walls, enforcement continues all the time against all those involved, until the full severity of the law is meted out to them," said the GSS and Police in a statement.