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It takes time to build self-confidence. Sure, you want to walk through the world as the bright, bold, and vivacious person you are – but some days, certain people or circumstances get you down. Don’t settle for feeling low.

You are a confident queen! Something as simple as wearing your favorite clothes or dancing to your favorite song can instantly get you back in your body and have you feeling more yourself. If you are having a rough day, month, or year, try these eight tricks to boost confidence throughout the day.

Start Your Day with Gratitude
Center yourself when you wake up in the morning by focusing on a few things you are grateful for. It can be something as simple as kitty cuddles or as momentous as getting a big promotion at work. Some days your list may be long, and other days it may feel a little more challenging.

The more you practice finding things in your life to appreciate, the easier it becomes. When you ground yourself in gratitude, you start your day remembering how beautiful your life is and how fortunate you are to be YOU. It’s easier to go through your day confidently when you come from a positive mindset.

Get in a Workout
Go for a run, do a quick sun salutation, take a hike on your lunch break, or pop by dance class after work. Eventually, you may lose a little weight or gain muscle from establishing an exercise routine, but you’ll immediately notice the mental health benefits.

Conquering a challenging workout can remind you how strong you are. When you exercise, you push past your comfort zone. According to the American Psychological Organization, you’ll feel a mood-boosting effect five minutes into your daily sweat session. You’ll feel more confident after exercising, knowing you are one tough cookie who can do hard things.

Practice Positive Affirmations
You are what you think. Some days the negative voices in your head are a little louder. Positive affirmations can help stop these thoughts and turn them on their head. You can repeat these out loud in the morning as you do your hair and makeup or post notes around your office. They act as little reminders of how amazing you are. The more often you repeat them, the more likely you will start believing them.

Positive affirmations to try:
⦁ I am stronger than I think I am.
⦁ I can express my true self.
⦁ I am capable of anything.
⦁ The people I surround myself with love and value me.
⦁ I am better today than I was yesterday.

Choose affirmations that are the opposite of the negative thoughts that trigger self-doubt. If you constantly think, “Nobody likes me.” Repeating, “The people I surround myself with love and value me,” will help you see the truth of this statement in all your interactions.

Wear Clothing That Fits and Makes You Feel Fabulous
Find clothes that fit you well and help you feel the most authentic version of yourself. Put your favorite pieces in your closet where you can see them. That way, you’ll always reach for the clothing that gives you confidence.

Take the time to purge your closet once or twice a year. Don’t hang on to old clothes that no longer fit your body or personality. Nothing can kill your confidence faster than constantly trying to fit into a pair of jeans you wore ten years ago. It’s time to let that girl go and let yourself own who you are now. You don’t have to be that person anymore. You’re someone better.

Rock out To Your Favorite Song
If the afternoon blues start getting you down, throw on your favorite song and dance around the room for a few minutes. It seems simple, but it can help shake up your energy and turn your day around.

Nervous about a big meeting or presentation? Pump the jams on your drive to work to get yourself in the zone. Music can uplift your mood. Not sure what to play? Try out this confidence boost playlist for some anthems to help you feel like the baddie you are.

Greet Everyone with a Smile
Be the person who says hello first when you enter a room. Always greet people with a smile. Make eye contact, even if you feel intimidated. You’ll come off as warm and inviting. People will notice your confidence right away. Recognize how other people see you as confident and in control. Take pride in the self-worth you’ve curated.

Indulge in Self Care
Do things that bring joy. Take a long bath. Treat yourself to new clothes. Spend an afternoon wandering through a museum. You’ll feel more confident in your own skin if you love yourself every day.

Find ways to indulge in whatever self-care means to you. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars every month. Just find little ways to make yourself feel special every day, and your confidence levels will soar.