Hospitalized infant (illustrative)
Hospitalized infant (illustrative) iStock

An infant of approximately one year old was hospitalized Wednesday evening with COVID-19, following a deterioration in his condition.

Due to his continued deterioration, upon his arrival at Ashdod's Assuta Hospital, doctors were forced to sedate the infant and place him on artificial respiration.

He is currently in the PICU in stable condition.

Ashdod Online noted that the infant's condition is serious.

The site quoted the hospital as saying, "Yesterday, Wednesday, during the evening hours the public hospital of Assuta Ashdod, from the Maccabi Group, received a one-year-old infant who was ill with coronavirus, following a deterioration in his condition."

"Upon his arrival and the continued deterioration in his condition, doctors were forced to sedate and respirate him. The infant is hospitalized in the hospital's ICU and his condition is stabilizing."