US President Joe Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of making "reckless" nuclear threats in his address to the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday.

Biden condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine, saying the war "shamelessly violated the core tenets" of the UN charter. He called the conflict a "brutal needless war, a war chosen by one man, to be very blunt."

"Putin claims he had to act because Russia was threatened, but no one threatened Russia and no one other than Russia sought conflict," he said,

He further accused Putin of making "overt nuclear threats against Europe in reckless disregard for the responsibilities of the non-proliferation regime."

"This war is about extinguishing Ukraine's right to exist as a state, and Ukrainians’ right to exist as a people…that should make your blood run cold,” he stated.

He reiterated that the US would support Ukraine and democracy around the world. “The United States is determined to defend and strengthen democracy – at home and around the world. Because I believe democracy remains humanity’s greatest instrument to address the challenges of our time.”

“The United States has marshalled massive levels of security assistance, humanitarian aid, and direct economic support to Ukraine. More than $25 billion to date. Our allies and partners around the world have stepped up as well,” he said.

President Biden briefly touched on the Arab-Israeli conflict, where he reiterated his administration's support for Israel's security.

“We will continue to advocate for a lasting, negotiated peace between the Jewish and democratic State of Israel and the Palestinian people. The United States is committed to Israel’s security. Full stop," Biden said.