The monument at Ein Keshatot
The monument at Ein KeshatotAllan Horowitz

A monument with elements of Messianic Judaism that was placed at the Ein Keshatot archaeological site in the Golan Heights has been removed and taken from the site by the artist.

Rabbi Uri Sadan, the rabbi of Moshav Nov in the southern Golan Heights, took action on the matter after a request by Rabbi Binyamin Vulcan from the Yad L’Achim organization, which fights missionaries, and ensured the monument was covered and removed.

The monument had been donated by Pastor Curt Landry, known for his many donations to Israel.

As Israel National News first revealed, visitors to the Ein Keshatot archaeological site in the Golan Heights were surprised to discover the monument.

The site of the monument after its removal
The site of the monument after its removalPhoto: Yitzhak Sadan, Nov

The monument contained three symbols, including the Star of David and the menorah from the Jewish side and a symbol of a fish from the Christian side. The symbol of the fish is associated with Christianity for a variety of reasons.

The Golan Regional Council said in response at the time, "Several months ago, sculptor Sam Philipe, who prepared the statue which stands at the entrance to Ramat Trump, contacted us and asked to place, at the point which overlooks the Sea of ​​Galilee, another statue."

"To the best of our knowledge, the statue was supposed to contain the symbol of the menorah that was found in Ein Keshatot, and indeed the statue was erected in Ein Keshatot about two weeks ago."

"In recent days, we have received inquiries wondering about the theological meanings of the statue. As a result, the statue was immediately covered. In the coming days, in agreement with the sculptor and the donor, the statue will be moved to another location."