The submachine gun that was uncovered
The submachine gun that was uncoveredPolice Spokesperson

A Carl Gustav submachine gun, stun grenade, and ammo were uncovered during a raid by local police and special ops during a raid in the Arab town of Umm Al-Fahm in northern Israel.

As part of its fight against weapons offenses and illegal arms the Umm Al-Fahm police station works in conjunction with the YASAM special police ops unit, and the Menashe district dog unit to find illegal weapons which are often used against innocent victims.

During a warranted search of an apartment in the town, detectives from the Umm Al-Fahm police station found a Carl Gustav submachine gun and ammo. A suspect in his 20s was arrested and his wife was detained for questioning.

In a warranted search in a different home in the town, detectives found a stun grenade and arrested a suspect, also in his 20s.

All of the weapons and ammo were sent to be examined by the police forensics lab.

The police spokesperson stated: "Israel Police will continue to work fiercely against the illegal ownership and trade of weapons to safeguard the public's peace and safety.