Ebrahim Raisi
Ebrahim Raisi Reuters

The European Union's mission to the State of Israel condemned the comments of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who questioned the reality of the Holocaust in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" on Sunday.

"The EU is appalled by and condemns the recent comments made by Iranian President Raisi, in which he seems to question whether the Holocaust has happened. We remain committed to combat any form of anti-Semitism and any attempt to condone, deny, justify or trivialize the Holocaust," the mission wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

"Antisemitism & Holocaust denial are incompatible with universal values. Such denial is insulting to the memory of the millions of people who died a terrible, inhuman death in the Shoah. No one should ever forget the victims of the atrocities perpetrated by Nazis & their proxies."

Raisi gave his first interview with a western media outlet on Sunday when he spoke with Lesley Stahl for "60 Minutes.

When asked if he believed the Holocaust happened, Raisi replied that “historical events should be investigated by researchers and historians. There are some signs that it happened. If so, they should allow it to be investigated and researched.”

Raisi also called Israel a "false regime" during the interview.

The Iranian President's remarks were condemned by Israeli and American officials.