Jerusalem District Court
Jerusalem District CourtPhoto by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

​​​​​​The Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday filed an indictment with the city's District Court against Mustafa Bidon (22), Ahmad Bidon (18), and Mohammed Abu Nagama (19).

All three are residents of Jerusalem, who kicked a Jew's vehicle and threatened him that he should not park in Silwan.

According to the indictment, two weeks ago the Jewish man parked his car in Kfar Hashiloach, near the Old City of Jerusalem. Some time later, he returned to his vehicle intending to drive away from the area. One of the accused noticed him and threatened him, among other things by saying, "Get out of here, I'll kill you," and, "Jews, get out of here, this isn't your place, it's our place."

At one point, the Jew entered his vehicle, and the accused began kicking it, until the window shattered and the glass flew into the car.

The indictment charges the accused with crimes of intentional damage stemming from racist motives, and threats stemming from racist motives.

The Prosecutor's Office has requested that the suspects' arrests be extended until the completion of legal proceedings against them.