Speaking to those in attendance at the Israel Heritage Foundation event in New York City on Sunday, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about the work the Trump administration did to develop the relationship between the United States and Israel.

"As you read the Bible, old and new testament, there's lots of talk about discipline, about faithfulness, about commitment, about a set of understandings, about the things we know are right and true,” Pompeo said. “If you look back at the list of the works that we did for four years to develop the relationship between the United States and Israel, they all stem from that central understanding of doing right and duty, and of doing the things you know to be true.”

“I heard someone say the other day that ‘Mike, it was fantastic that you recognized the fact that Israel is the rightful Jewish homeland including Judea and Samaria but of course this is just a fact. For a long time our government and to this day many governments in the world, and indeed today even in the United States – there’s the sense somehow that Israel conceptually doesn’t have a right to exist, that the Jewish people don’t have this as their homeland.”

“I had the incredible privilege three months ago to travel to a handful of places in Judea and Samaria, which I had not been able to get to before. I stood there between the Tomb of Abraham and the Tomb of Sarah. It is not possible to stand in that place without understanding that this is the Jewish homeland that G-d brought his tribes to this place and the fact that the world doesn’t recognize this is indecent and immoral and something that I am confident that G-d will hold us accountable for. It is an incredible privilege to have been a small part of an administration that understood that and that worked for it tirelessly, certainly for America’s own interest, its own security interest, certainly for Israel's interests, its own security interests, but perhaps most importantly because it was decent and right and it was our duty and to be disciplined in our faith, my faith as a Christian, and the faith of Jews.”

“We took a lot of heck for it, from all the places you’d expect. The New York Times had a field day. Even in our own administration, there were those who thought recognizing Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel is dangerous. But of course when you do what G-d commands, when you do the things that are right, then G-d will smile upon you.”

“When one understands duty, and one is disciplined and one is faithful, I am convinced that G-d will continue to watch over us,” Pompeo added.

He also spoke about the energy crisis, especially in Europe, describing denying energy to people as “fundamentally indecent.”

“There will be people whose lives are impacted [this winter] perhaps not as much here in the United States but more in Europe. There is real risk to these people that they won't be able to do the most basic things including feed their family and heat their home this winter. We all understand that getting this right is simple and decent and indeed it is our duty.”

Pompeo described his four years serving in the Trump administration, first as the director of the CIA and then as the secretary of state, as an “incredible privilege.”

“What we did each day was an attempt to be right and decent,” he recalled. “We did not get it right every day but we demonstrated to the world that good partners like the United States and Israel can deliver security not only for our two nations but for people all across the world. I’m deeply proud of the work we did. I was blessed to have been a small part of it.”

In answer to the question about why Biden appears so eager to agree to a new nuclear deal with Iran, he responded:

“I think in the end part of this is vindictiveness, I think part of this is President Obama did this, it was his signature accomplishment of his second term and so there’s this sense that Trump undid it, I want to go do it again,” he said.

“I also think though there's something deeper, and I think this is what not only Israeli leadership today but leadership throughout the Arab world understands. I think the Biden administration believes that Iran can be a force for stability in the region. I think that's crazy, I can’t understand that logic, but as you stare at their policies, you watch that they're prepared to give them some trillion dollars in wealth to create and continue their terror campaign it can only be because they believe somehow that there should be a balance between the Shias and the Sunnis, a balance between the Muslims and the Jews.”

He added: “The truth of the matter is anyone who stares at this – and this is not political – anybody who stares and just does the math on who it is that presents continued risk, not only to Israel but to the Arab Muslims to the world, it's pretty straightforward.”