Hadar Muchtar
Hadar MuchtarYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Less than a day after it was revealed that 20-year-old TikTok star and head of the "Youth on Fire" party, Hadar Muchtar, owns a residential apartment in Haifa, which she claims belongs to her parents, the chairman of the "Youth on Fire" party announced this morning that she will no longer give interviews to members of the media "until further notice."

Following a series of unflattering TV appearances, Muchtar wrote on her social media page: "I'm not doing anymore interviews. I don't believe in the established media. I am here to make a change, but the media is constantly trying to catch me off-guard. Is the establishment really so rotten that there is no way to change it?"

Yesterday, right-wing rapper and activist Yoav Eliasi, nicknamed "Hatzel", (The Shadow) revealed that Mukhtar owns a 56-meter four-room apartment on Marseille Street in Haifa that was purchased at a cost of NIS 825,000. Muchtar explained that the apartment was purchased with the entirety of her father's pension funds. "My father used his entire pension to buy this apartment because he doesn't believe I will be [able to afford] an apartment in Israel," she said.

During an appearance on Channel 13 News, Hatzel claimed Muchtar was a hypocrite, dressing like a religious woman. "Enough with the lies. Up until a few months ago, you were going around dressed like anyone else. Now you're haredi," Eliasi chastized Muchtar on the program.

In a Twitter post from Monday, September 19, Mukhtar responded to Hatzel's accusations.

"Hatzel, did you think you hurt me with the information about my apartment? Everyone realizes that my father will continue getting the rent money for the next 60 years (may he live to 120). The worst part was when you brazenly claimed that I was faking the way I dress. I've been dressing this way since my driving instructor [inappropriately] touched me two years ago," she retorted.

Later, political commentator for Channel 12 News, Amit Segal, slammed Mukhtar on his TikTok account for saying that with rising housing costs, she had "no time to serve in the army."

"She has no time for the army? What audacity! Did (fallen soldier killed in the line of duty near the city of Jenin), Bar Falah have the time for it? I don't care about her owning an apartment, but for someone heading a political party to say she has no time for the army is absolutely unforgiveable," he said.