Shir Tzion
Shir TzionSpokesperson

A new Jewish community, in the process of being established, next to Mitzpe Yericho – has been named in memory of fallen IDF soldier Shir Hajaj.

The decision to name the fledgling town "Shir Tzion", in memory of Shir Hajaj was made by over 600 people who participated in the vote to decide on the name for the new community.

In the years since Shir fell in the line of duty, her parents have been active partners in the Nachala Movement. For them, there is deep symbolic meaning in choosing this name for a young, community.
Meirav Hajaj, Shir's mother said: "We are deeply moved by Nachala's decision to name a new community in memory of our daughter. We call upon our government here and now: Do not, G-d forbid, cause any harm to the new community named after our daughter! We, together with our entire extended family, will defend and protect it!"

"The European Community puts up signs wherever it helps the Arabs build illegally. We shall put up our own sign at the entrance to Shir Tzion, and we will not let anyone harm it."

Yair Ratvy, a member of Shir Tzion council: "For the last 20 years our beloved Land of Israel has waited to hear a renewed love song ("shir" in Hebrew means "song"). A song of new communities being established throughout the Land. Today, we merit to sing a new song of Tzion. A song to our Jerusalem, which will be protected from the east by Shir Tzion.

Lieutenant Shir Hajaj merited to defend our Land in her lifetime. Her name symbolizes our continued efforts to defend the lands of Gush Adumim, east of our eternal capital Jerusalem."

The head of the public relations department of Nachala, Lital Slonim: "The public's demand on our government to establish new towns transcends the divisions within our society. Representatives of varied segments of the population are active partners in this process. Everyone understands the vital security and historical importance of establishing new towns throughout Israel. Members of Knesset and public figures - both in Israel and abroad – have expressed their support of Nachala."

Daniella Weiss, the head of Nachala said: "I am deeply moved by Meirav and Herzl Hajaj, by their ability to overcome their deep personal pain and loss. They have chosen to preserve their daughter's memory in a constructive way. We are honored by their participation and partnership in building our Land and feel privileged to be naming a new community in memory of their beloved daughter Shir."