Eisenkot during his visit to the Neve Shmuel high school
Eisenkot during his visit to the Neve Shmuel high schoolPR

Former IDF chief of staff and current National Unity Party candidate Gadi Eisenkot met with students of the Neve Shmuel yeshiva-high school in Efrat on Tuesday, accompanied by MK Matan Kahana.

"My basic stance is that settlement is a virtue, as long as it's in the nation's interest and accordance with the law. I support maintaining and strengthening the settlement blocs. You have to understand that regardless of what type of government there is, illegal structures will be dismantled," Eisenkot told the students.

Regarding the Evyatar agreement, according to which residents left the outpost in order for a yeshiva to be established in return, Eisenkot stated: "According to the agreement with the residents of Evyatar, the place was preserved and it will be assessed for the establishment of a yeshiva. I understand that there is a commitment to keep to that agreement."

Concerning the recent wave of terror attacks, the former chief of staff stated: "Even the biggest optimist understands that the threats will continue. As the commander of the Judea and Samaria region in 2005, the reality seemed crazy. Through tough fighting, we managed to contain the terror.

You have to understand that today's reality is volatile. Terrorism can return. But the central challenge is the Israeli society's resilience. Political stability, serious crime, and other problems that I want to see solved. We oppose a dual-national state and we want to end the conflict. Look what's happening in the mixed cities, that's what can happen in Judea and Samaria if we were to mix."

Eisenkot claims that "those who wish to return to Gush Katif and dismantle the Civil Administration and the Palestinian Authority will bring disaster upon us."

Interior Minister and Jewish Home head, Ayelet Shaked, was quick to rebut Eisnekot's statements stating: "No matter how many religious people the National Unity Party puts on the top of its list, they can't hide the fact the Eisenkot and Gantz are leftists. Both through words and actions. I call on all right-wingers that are mistakenly thinking of voting for them: come home to the Jewish home".