Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuTomer Neuberg/Flash90

Yosef Maklada, Director of the Statnet Research Institute, addressed the split of the Joint Arab List and its potential effect on the outcome of the elections for the 25th Knesset in November.

"Netanyahu benefited from the split, he reaches 60-61 seats and he can earn even more when one of the parties falls and this is a possible scenario, he can also reach 62-63," Maklada told 103FM.

"When Balad enters the picture and wants to break away, it eats up a mandate and more from its former partner, and also takes votes from Ra'am. It is enough for the general percentage of the vote to rise, so that one of the largest Arab parties can fail. The percentage of the vote jumped by three percent, if this continues and it ends up like a snowball, it can turn on Netanyahu. That's why the right and Netanyahu are likely to make a plan to suppress the percentage of Arab turnout."

He added, "Not all people allow themselves to say that they vote for Balad, I don't know what the reasons are, but as we head towards the end Balad is getting stronger. If the party doesn't start a campaign immediately, it can easily collapse. I don't think there are many Jews who would cast a vote for Balad."