International Operational Innovation Conference
International Operational Innovation Conference IDF Spokesperson

This week, the International Operational Innovation Conference was held for the first time in history. The conference included the participation of Chiefs of Staff and commanders from dozens of militaries from around the world.

The conference constituted a significant platform for strengthening the operational cooperation between the participating countries, while also providing an opportunity for intra-military learning. Approximately 3,000 IDF commanders participated in the week-long conference and transferred its contents to their soldiers.

The IDF command courses participating in the conference included: the IDF Command and Staff College, the Tactical Command College, the IDF's Officers School (Bahad 1), the Battalion Commanders Course, the Ground Forces Squad Commanders Course, the Israeli Air Force Pilot’s Course and the IDF Naval Officer’s Course, among other courses.

As part of the conference, an operational simulation day was held at “Tze’elim” Base, on the topic of force building and innovative combat methods. Throughout the day, 7 Chiefs of Staff from Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Poland and the United States, as well as 200 participants from 24 military delegations, were presented with a wide range of combat capabilities and operational processes, which were displayed through a multi-dimensional live fire exercise. The simulation also emphasized innovation in the modern battlefield.

The Multidimensional Unit and the Golani Brigade’s 12th Battalion participated in the live fire exercise alongside an Armored Corps Company, a Combat Engineering Corps Platoon, Artillery Corps troops, fighter jets and helicopters, RPAs, drones, robots and additional assisting forces.

This is the first time in which representatives from militaries from around the world are gathering at one base with the goal of discussing multi-dimensional maneuvering, spectrum, cyber and additional topics.