September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center
September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade CenterREUTERS/Sean Adair/File

A self-described neo-Nazi drove around Des Moines, Iowa in a rented truck he called the “9/11 Hate Bus” targeting the city on September 11 with propaganda blaming Jews for the 9//11 terror attacks.

“More atrocious antisemitic incidents that took place on Sunday Sept. 11th are coming to light,” the StopAntisemtism organization posted on Twitter along with photos of the “9/11 Hate Bus.”

“The latest out of Des Moines, Iowa – a U-Haul truck was draped with a swastika flag as well as outfitted with propaganda falsely blaming the 9/11 attacks on Jews.”

The U-Haul truck was draped in a swastika flag linked to Iowa hate group “319 Crew” and had antisemitic signs on it targeting Jews, Iowa Starting Line reported.

A member of the neo-Nazi group posted a video to the group’s Telegram channel of himself driving around Des Moines in the truck targeting other drivers.

During the video the man, who wore a ski mask and used a GoPro style camera to record himself, parked the truck in front of the Iowa Capital Building where he got out of the vehicle and gave a Hitler salute to a crowd of people.

The man also harassed drivers by asking them why they didn’t like Nazis.

Later in the video, the man was shown making additional Hitler salutes to other drivers and pedestrians.

According to the report, on the group’s telegram channel, the poster wrote: “Today is the day 319 is truly born. After weeks of hard work, I present to you, my 9/11 hate bus. If you guys could please share this video around absolutely everywhere, I would be extremely thankful. Expect more content like this in the future from us.”

When contacted about the incident, U-Haul told the news outlet that they were aware of the incident.

“This is a breach of contract and this individual will no longer be able to rent from our company,” they said.