Jonathan Pollard and  Rivka Avrahamis-Donin
Jonathan Pollard and Rivka Avrahamis-Doninפופולינה

About a year after losing his beloved wife Esther, Jonathan Pollard is expected to marry Mrs. Rivka Avrahams-Donin, a mother of seven children from Jerusalem whose husband died several years ago.

The official announcement of the engagement was supposed to be published Wednesday morning, but was postponed at the couple's request until after the funeral of IDF Major Bar Falah, who was killed in a shootout with Arab terrorists in Samaria Tuesday night.

The official announcement reads:

How can I repay the Lord for all of his bountiful deals towards me? (Psalm 116 12).

With praise and thanks to G-d, we are excited to announce our engagement

We are full of gratitude to you, our friends and family members and our dear children for your love and hugs and first and foremost to Esther, may she rest in peace,. who in her infinite love even recognized us and allowed this miracle to happen. Her memory will always be with us.

The wedding will take place, G-d willing, in two months, after the High Holidays.