Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Wednesday afternoon addressed the death of Major Bar Falah, who was killed in a firefight with Arab terrorists in northern Samaria last night.

"On behalf of the Government and the entire State of Israel, we bow our heads following the death of Major Bar Falah, an Israeli hero, the Deputy Commander of the Nahal Brigade Reconnaissance Unit, who was killed last night in a clash with terrorists next to the Gilboa Crossing. He was killed as he and his soldiers heroically confronted and neutralized the terrorists. We send our condolences to his parents, his partner, his family, and his friends," Lapid said,

"One of the terrorists killed was a member of the Palestinian Authority’s intelligence forces. This escalates things to another level," he warned.

"We will not hesitate to act in any place that the Palestinian Authority does not maintain order. The IDF and ISA are prepared for every scenario in order to prevent terrorism from rearing its head. They are prepared on all fronts, together with the Israel Police on the seam line. Israel will forcefully target whoever tries to harm it."

Major Bar Falah, a resident of the coastal city of Netanya. Falah served as deputy commander of the IDF's Reconnaissance Battalion 934 (Gadsar Nahal).

The shootout occurred at the Jalameh checkpoint, near Jenin in northern Samaria, just before midnight the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

Terrorists opened fire on IDF soldiers, prompting Israeli security personnel to return fire.

According to the statement, IDF lookouts identified two suspects near the fence. IDF soldiers who were rushed to the spot surrounded the suspects and started an arrest procedure, during which the suspects opened fire at the soldiers.

Two terrorists were eliminated during the gun battle.