Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollardצילום: דוברות

Former spy Jonathan Pollard is set to remarry, with the couple poised to make a formal announcement on their engagement.

Pollard, 68, got engaged to Rivka, a Jerusalemite and mother of seven, last week, but made no public statement regarding the event.

The couple are slated to make a public announcement sometime after the funeral of IDF Major Bar Falah, who was shot and killed during a gun battle with Arab terrorists in Samaria overnight.

On Tuesday, Pollard attended the Bar Mitzvah of Shahar Dagan, son of Samaria Regional Council chief Yossi Dagan.

In January, Pollard’s late wife Esther passed away, following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Pollard and his first wife, Anne, divorced in the late 1980s.