With courage and bare hands, a woman from India managed to protect her baby from a tiger that surprised and attacked them.

25-year-old Archana Choudhary was walking with her 15-month-old son near the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve when suddenly a tiger jumped behind them and grabbed her little son.

The tiger managed to grab the boy and knock him to the ground, but Archana, in a moment of bravery, pounced on the tiger and hit him with her bare hands.

During the fight with the tiger, people who were around heard Archana cries and quickly came to drive the animal away. Archana and her son were quickly taken to a nearby hospital, where they received treatment that stabilized their condition. According to reports, while the baby was almost unharmed in the incident, Archana suffered multiple injuries but doctors said her condition had stabilized.

Following the attack, the reserve workers set out to look for the fleeing tiger and ordered the residents to stay in their homes. In an interview with the BBC network, it was said that the search for the tiger was also conducted with the help of trained elephants and ended only after a few hours.