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Ayala and Yehoshaphat Cohen, the parents of Itamar Cohen, the Israeli shepherd who was seriously wounded when he was attacked by an Arab with a hoe in southern Mount Hebron Monday night, called their son's survival a "miracle."

"It's very difficult, yesterday we really felt the fear of G-d. You say goodbye to him in the morning when he's fine, and at the end of the day you meet him in the intensive care unit in Soroka. We're slowly realizing that there was a great miracle here," Ayala, who was sitting next to her husband Yehoshaphat in the hospital, told Channel 12 News.

She added that the attacked reminded her of the 1929 Hebron Massacre, when the ancient Jewish community of Hebron was destroyed. "It reminded me of 1929, with pictures of Jews being attacked with an ax. It was a lynching attempt - a very severe attack by dozens of rioters."

"Jews should move around Israel freely, without being victims of terrorist attacks." The mother thanked everyone who prayed for her son's safety, "It could have ended differently, thank G-d for all the miracles."