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Rabbi Yitzhak Biton, 25, has been named as the man who died in an electric scooter accident in Afula on Monday, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Biton was hit and crushed by a vehicle early on Monday morning, while riding his electric scooter. Born in Akko (Acre), he studied in top yeshivas in Jerusalem until moving to Afula with his wife and children. Around one month ago, his wife gave birth to the couple's second son.

Biton worked as a kashrut (kosher food) supervisor in a Haifa slaughterhouse, where he did part of the koshering process. According to Kikar Hashabbat, his family reports that despite his long work hours, Biton was careful to set times for Torah study.

At 5:46a.m. on Monday morning Magen David Adom's (MDA) hotline received a report of an electric scooter rider who had been hit by a vehicle in Afula. MDA paramedics provided Biton with medical aid but a short time later were forced to declare his death.

MDA paramedics Mika Oz and Shimmy Parji said, "We saw an electric scooter on the road, and nearby lay a young man of about 24, unconscious and suffering a serious head injury. He was unconscious with no heartbeat and not breathing. We immediately performed medical tests, he had no signs of life and within a short time we were forced to declare his death."

"The driver of the vehicle, a woman of about 40, felt unwell, received medical treatment, and was evacuated for continued tests at a hospital."