Avigdor Liberman launches Yisrael Beytenu campaign
Avigdor Liberman launches Yisrael Beytenu campaignIsrael National News

The chairman of the Yisrael Beytenu Party, Minister Avigdor Liberman, on Monday launched his election campaign at a conference in Tel Aviv and presented his party's slate for the next Knesset.

"Our most important task is to prevent Netanyahu and his fundamentalist bloc from achieving 61 seats (the majority required to form a government -ed.), because we know exactly what will happen as soon as Netanyahu, Deri, Gafni, Smotrich, and Ben Gvir come to power: The Overrule Clause, closing Netanyahu's cases, complete cancellation of the term ‘sharing the burden’, canceling the Law of Return, canceling the requirement for studies of core subjects and robbing the public coffers," Liberman stated.

"Already in the last year we have seen attempts in the Knesset to repeal the Law of Return, each in turn. Therefore, anyone who votes for Netanyahu is voting for the package of darkness that will set the State of Israel back years. Only a strong Yisrael Beytenu separates them from the government. Therefore, Netanyahu's efforts are to harm Avigdor Liberman and the Yisrael Beytenu party first and foremost, at any cost, there are no red lines, there are no inhibitions."

"The methods are also Netanyahu's methods, and I stop here with the words 'Netanyahu's methods.' The most recent blood libel crosses all the red lines, lies in every sentence, in every word - but the truth will always come out and therefore we will win," he added.

Liberman concluded, "We will prevent Netanyahu from achieving 61 seats. We will deny those who, in the absence of 61 seats for Netanyahu, will want to form a rotational government with him. We will deny those who are prepared, for the sake of being in power, to form a coalition with Deri and Gafni in exchange for lending a hand to the robbery of the public coffers. We will demand the establishment of a Zionist and liberal coalition, without Netanyahu".

The Yisrael Beytenu slate for the elections to the 25th Knesset:

1. Avigdar Liberman
2. Oded Forer
3. Evgeny Sova
4. Sharon Nir
5. Yulia Malinovsky
6. Hamad Amar
7. Alex Kushnir
8. Batya Kahana Dror
9. Yossi Shein
10. Limor Magen Telem
11. Elina Bardach-Yalov
12. Sharon Rofe-Ofir