Rabbi Cherlow leads group on Temple Mountת
Rabbi Cherlow leads group on Temple MountתTemple Mount Administration

Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Hesder Amit Orot Shaul, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, and Biblical archaeologist Aran Yardeni on Monday morning led a special visit to the Temple Mount for the Hebrew month of Elul,

The police prepared for the group in advance in coordination with the Temple Mount administration and allowed them to stay a little longer than usual according to their request.

Rabbi Cherlow used the return to the Temple Mount to preach about Teshuva, which means both 'return' and 'repentance' in English.

Yardeni, who is one of the founders of the Temple Mount antiquities salvage operation, explained to the group the topographical and archaeological aspects about the location of the temple, the borders of the aliyah, and the many findings in the field.

Edi Hirman, who initiated the special visit as part of the preparations for the Jewish High Holidays, said: "It is of great importance to hold significant and in-depth visits, which combine the holy and the secular - between the Torah and spiritual importance and the immense sanctity of the temple site, and the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the archaeology, topography and history of the place."

According to him, "This way we can also understand where we stand, and also connect to the holiness of the place where the Holy Presence was. We were privileged to be purified, sanctified and experience a special pilgrimage that will make us more prepared for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. When the experience of today's holiness will be with us in the coming holidays, we will do our best."